2.4mm Male to 2.92mm Male Cable Using PE-P086HF Coax

Product ID: PE3C5736
Product discontinued.
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Key Specifications

Key Specifications (Click on Data Sheet Above for Additional Details).
Connector Series 12.4mm
Connector Gender 1Male
Connector Polarity 1Standard
Connector Angle 1Straight
Connector Mount Method 1None
Connector Impedance 150 Ohm
Connector Series 22.92mm
Connector Gender 2Male
Connector Polarity 2Standard
Connector Angle 2Straight
Connector Mount Method 2None
Connector Impedance 250 Ohm
RF Cable Part NumberPE-P086HF
RF Cable TypePE-P086HF
RF Cable Impedance50 Ohm


2.4mm Male to 2.92mm Male Cable Using PE-P086HF Coax

Radio frequency assembly 2.4mm male to 2.92mm male cable using PE-P086HF coax from Pasternack is part of the largest selections of same-day ship coaxial cables for RF, microwave and millimeter wave interconnect solutions. Pasternack coaxial cable assembly products are used in applications requiring high quality such as laboratory RF test and measurement, rugged and designed for defense / military, telecom antenna tower component jumper connection, production environments, general use, etc. 2.4mm male to 2.92mm male cable using PE-P086HF coax, like our other Pasternack coaxial cable assemblies, will ship the same day and any custom 2.4mm to 2.92mm cable assembly orders will ship same day as well.

Pasternack RF coax cable assembly is built with 2.4mm cable connection on one end and 2.92mm cable connection on the other. Our 2.4mm to 2.92mm cable assemblies have a male gender on end 1 and male on end 2. This 2.4mm to 2.92mm cable is a male to male coax assembly, PE3C5736, can also be known as a 2.4mm plug to 2.92mm plug cable assembly and will be shipped same-day as it is purchased.

2.4mm plug to 2.92mm plug cable assembly PE3C5736 is built with PE-P086HF which is a flexible coax type. The Pasternack flexible 2.4mm cable assembly is manufactured with 2.4mm to 2.92mm cable connectors, has a 50 Ohm impedance and is double shielded. RF specs on this 40 GHz maximum frequency 2.4mm male to 2.92mm male cable are located on the specifications PDF datasheet on this page along with CAD drawing and dimensions. PE3C5736 can also be used in the other direction and will be 2.92mm male to 2.4mm male cable assembly if the opposite connectivity is required.

2.4mm plug to 2.92mm plug cable assembly is just one of more than 45,000 in-stock RF products available. Pasternack is where to buy a high quality 2.4mm to 2.92mm cable assembly for quick shipment worldwide. Variations of 2.4mm cable assemblies can also be built and will ship same-day as well, search this website or contact us for assistance. High quality custom RF cable assembly products for microwave and millimeter wave radio transmitter receiver, antenna jumper, component inter-connection and more for RF test & measurement labs, rugged and MIL-STD designed military / defense, aerospace, telecom, phase stable, phase and delay matching, outdoor and harsh environment and other radio frequency applications can be manufactured. For all these reasons and more, Pasternack is one of the best websites where to find and buy quality RF cable assemblies like this 2.4mm male to 2.92mm male cable using PE-P086HF coax.