60 GHz Development System, Transmit / Receive (Tx/Rx), Low Phase Noise Development, Tripod and USB control

Product ID: PEM009-KIT
Product discontinued.
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60 GHz Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) Development System

This 60 GHz ISM band Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) Development System makes designing new high-bandwidth products and solutions easy. The 60 GHz transmitter and receiver development system contains user-friendly features that include: a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for configuration via USB and standard WR-15 V-band waveguide interfaces for external gain horn antennas. 802.11ad and 802.11aj WiFi / WiGig development is quick to set up with 1.8 GHz modulation bandwidth capability.

Because the 60 GHz TX /RX system utilizes the globally-unlicensed ISM bands in the RF spectrum, the development kit can be used to develop a wide selection of product applications in the mmwave unlicensed frequency band covering 60GHz. Using the tools and components of the 60 GHz development kit, high-bandwidth data can be clearly transmitted at extreme high speeds for a variety of applications that may include wireless backhaul, wireless gigabit ethernet data communications, and wireless HD video.

Pasternack’s PEM009-KIT Development System for 60 GHz offers improved phase noise performance from the internal reference clock oscillator that results in a higher resolution Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) signal carrier response.

PEM009-KIT 60 GHz Transmitter and Receiver Development System Includes:
  • * Easy-to-use downloadable GUI software
  • * PEM001-MIM WR-15 Waveguide Transmitter Module
  • * PEM002-MIM WR-15 Waveguide Receiver Module
  • * Receive (Rx) Board includes:
  • -Power supply regulation
  • -Reference clock generation
  • -USB to SPI interface
  • * Transmit (Tx) Board includes:
  • -Power supply regulation
  • -Reference clock generation
  • -USB to SPI interface
  • * Mounting Brackets
  • * (2) Tripods
  • * (2) AC-DC USB Power Adapters
  • * (2) USB interface Cables
  • * Expansion kit with phase matched baseband coaxial cables for easy interfacing to baseband signals
  • * Additional accessories are available including:
  • -PEM004 I/Q module quadrature signal source
  • -PEM005 flex circuit cable
  • -WR-15 low and high gain horn antennas

  • Wireless Applications Include:
    • * WiGig/WiFi IEEE 802.11ad and 802.11aj
    • * WPAN 802.15.3c
    • * Backhaul
    • * Point-to-point
    • * HD video
    • * RADAR
    • * Radiometry
    • * Ethernet
    • * Remote Sensing
    • * Wireless LAN at 60 GHz
    • * Building-to-Building High Speed Networks
    • * 57-66 GHz Unlicensed ISM Band New Development and Experimentation Tool