60 GHz Receiver (Rx) Waveguide Module, (MIM) Metal Injection Molding

Product ID: PEM002-MIM
Product discontinued.
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Key Specifications

Key Specifications(Click on Data Sheet Above for Additional Details).
Frequency Range57 - 64.8 GHz
Channel Spacing 1540 MHz
Channel Spacing 2500 MHz
Modulation Bandwidth1.8 GHz
Gain, Typ.53 - 70 dB
Gain, Range65 dB
Gain, Step Size1.25 dB
Image Rejection>35 dB
Input IP3-27 dBm
Input P1dB-36 dBm
Sideband Suppression27 dBc
Noise Figure6 dB
Phase Noise @ 100 KHz-72 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @ 1 MHz-86 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @ 10 MHz-111 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @ 100 MHz-125 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @ 1 GHz-127 dBc/Hz
PLL Loop Bandwidth200 KHz
I/Q Balance Phase±3 degrees
I/Q Balance Amplitude ±1 dB


60 GHz Receiver (Rx) Waveguide Module, (MIM) Metal Injection Molding

The 60 GHz Waveguide Receiver Modules open up extreme high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission for widespread use. It utilizes the globally-unlicensed millimeter wave spectrum (57 - 64 GHz), making these modules ideal for meeting the data transmission needs of companies and developers. Other solutions currently available are expensive and difficult to integrate into existing systems. These new waveguide Rx modules are just as effective at a fraction of the cost, and can be connected to any WR-15 waveguide, making it compatible with a wide range of configurations and budgets.

These 60 GHz Rx modules have been designed to be a low cost and high volume solution for emerging markets working with ultra high-bandwidth applications.