Hand Conformable Coax Cables 50 Ohm

Pasternack Enterprises' hand-formable 50 Ohm coax RF cables category belongs to a family of products that are mostly RoHS and REACH compliant. Our hand-formable coax cable is designed to precise RF industry specifications with single shielding.

Pasternacks' formable 50 Ohm coax RF cables are produced in diameters of 0.047, 0.085, 0.098, 0.141, 0.161 and 0.250 inches. Size and construction materials of the handformable coaxial cable determine flexibility and bend radius; some cables have a minimum one time bend radius. A variety of core dielectric materials including PTFE versions result in a wide range of performance characteristics. Our coax cables are designed to handle a wide range of performance criteria including attenuation, temperature, voltage, and RF power.

Our production facility certified to ISO 9001:2015 ships formable 50 Ohm coax RF cables the same day from the broadest, deepest inventory of microwave and RF parts available. Exceptional technical support and customer service are on hand to help you with your hand-formable coax cable needs. (sales@pasternack.com, techsupport@pasternack.com, 866-727-8376 US and Canada or +1-949-261-1920 International).