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Pasternack Introduces New Line of

1.85mm Attenuators and 1.85mm RF Loads Up to 65 GHz

Product Features and Benefits

DC to 65 GHz and can handle 1 Watt of power

Attenuators come in 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB values

Loads Have VSWR of 1.3:1 to 40 GHz & 1.65:1 to 65 GHz

Stainless Steel bodies with BeCu contacts

In-stock and available

to ship today!

1.85mm Attenuators Up to 65 GHz

1.85mm RF Loads Up to 65 GHz

1.85mm Attenuators and 1.85mm RF Loads Up to 65 GHz

The 1.85mm connector interface, also referred to as a “V Connector®”, is widely used in satellite communications (VSAT) equipment, point-to-point radios, WiGig applications and millimeter-wave radars due it’s compact size, threaded design and ability to operate at extremely high frequencies, up to 65 GHz. 1.85mm attenuators and 1.85mm terminations are often used in applications such as power limiting, impedance matching and signal leveling inside RF test systems and other millimeter wave test environments.


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