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Low Frequency 8 GHz SMP Connectors New from Pasternack

Pasternack Enterprises’ new 8 GHz SMP connectors are specifically designed for low frequency, high density applications where the benefits of a small RF connector are utilized. Common uses for these low frequency SMP connectors include blind-mate interconnect systems and miniaturized high density coaxial modules, such as connecting to a small PCB.  Low frequency 8 GHz SMP connectors carry the same “small-footprint” advantages as their higher-frequency counterparts, but are a more cost effective option when a 40 GHz connector is not needed. Cost savings can range from 50% to 75% when compared to standard SMP connectors.


Pasternack’s low frequency SMP connectors are typically attached to cables assemblies using RG178, RG405, and 0.047” diameter semi-rigid cable. The connectors utilize Beryllium copper (BeCu) and Kovar alloy at critical contact points in their designs, while brass and stainless steel are used in non-contact areas. These new 8 GHz SMP versions are also compatible and fully mate-able with Corning Gilbert GPO® connectors.

Low Frequency 8 GHz SMP Male Connectors

Low Frequency 8 GHz SMP Female Connectors

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