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Pasternack Introduces New Line of

SMP and Mini-SMP Connectors

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Pasternack offers SMP, Sub-Miniature Push-On, connectors in 8 GHz and 40 GHz versions. This line of SMP connectors is fully compatible with industry standard SMP and GPO® connectors. The 8 GHz SMP connectors offer a low cost, high performance blind-mate solution for lower frequency applications. The Male versions of the 8 GHz SMP are available in Full Detent, Limited Detent, and Smooth Bore versions. Our 40 GHz SMP family includes Direct Solder Coax connectors, PCB Mount connectors, Hermetically Sealed connectors, and Shrouds.

Pasternack also offers SMP and Mini SMP adapters, including SMP bullets used with SMP male connectors or shrouds to form board-to-board blind mate connections. Full Detent, Limited Detent and Smooth Bore Male designs allow for varying degrees of mating engagement force and de-mating disengagement force. Full Detent is useful when a positive lock and retention is needed under demanding environmental conditions. Limited and smooth bore versions help when many mates and de-mates are required. They reduce the risk of damage to circuit boards by decreasing the amount of force required when mating and de-mating a connector pair.


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