Analog Phase Shifters

Analog Phase Shifters

  • Broadband phase shifter frequencies ranging from 5 GHz to 18 GHz
  • Monotonic Phase Shift Range up to 800°
  • Single Analog Voltage Control ranges from 0 to +10 Vdc
  • Can be used as Phase Modulators with Modulation Bandwidths up to 50 MHz
  • Phase Voltage Sensitivity ranges from 40 to 120 Deg/Volt
  • Drop-In PIN packages are hermetically sealed, MIL Spec Compliant, and support Field Replaceable SMA connectors
  • Guaranteed operating performance over -55°C to +85°C
  • Analog phase shifter models are EAR99
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Part No. & Additional Views Input Frequency(GHz) Typical Instertion Loss (dB) Typical Phase Shift Range (+ Degrees) Modulation Bandwidth (MHz) Phase Voltage Sensitivity (Deg/Volt) Insertion Phase Temperature Sensitivity (Deg/Volt) Power Handling Capability (Watts) Control Voltage Range (Volts) MIL SPEC Compliant
Analog Phase Shifter, 5 GHz to 18 GHz, With an Adjustable Phase of 40 Deg. Per GHz and SMA PE82P2000 5 to 18 6 0 to 400 50 40 0.5 1 0 to 10 Yes
Analog Phase Shifter, 6 GHz to 15 GHz, With an Adjustable Phase of 120 Deg. Per GHz and SMA PE82P2001 6 to 15 7 0 to 800 50 120 0.5 0.32 0 to 5 Yes

Analog Phase Shifter Series

Analog phase shifter series is commonly used to control the phase characteristics in the processing of microwave signals and can also be used as phase modulators to control a modulating baseband signal. These versatile analog phase shifter components provide a continuously variable phase response that’s controlled by a single voltage source that delivers almost unlimited resolution with monotonic performance. The analog phase shifter control feature is popular for communications applications, radar systems and test equipment.

The phase shifter PE82P2000 covers 5 GHz to 18 GHz with a continuously variable and monotonic phase shift range of 0° to 400° typical and 7 dB insertion loss. This analog phase shifter control voltage ranges from 0V to +10V and supports a modulation bandwidth of 50 MHz. Pasternack PE82P2001 phase shifter covers 6 GHz to 15 GHz with a continuously variable and monotonic phase shift range of 0° to 800° typical and 6 dB insertion loss. The analog control voltage range is 0V to +5V and supports a modulation bandwidth of 50 MHz.

Both phase shifter models are available in rugged Kovar packages that feature gold-over-nickel plating and are hermetically sealed. These analog phase shifters are highly reliable and are guaranteed to meet MIL-STD environmental test conditions. The versatile drop-in package designs are compact and support field replaceable SMA connectors for a coaxial interface, or the pin package can be integrated onto a printed circuit board assembly.

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