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Embedded GPS Antennas
  • 4 Connector series SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, and 1.85mm
  • 2-Hole and 4-hole flange types
  • Contacts mate with 5 pin diameters ranging from 0.009" to 0.036"
  • Metal ground contact rings
  • Allows for replacement of damaged connectors without accessing sealed components
  • Multiple connector series can be used with a single mating
    pin diameter

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Field Replaceable Connectors

2-Hole and 4-Hole Flange Field Replaceable Connectors, Multiple Series from Pasternack

Pasternack's field replaceable connectors mount to the wall of a " chassis," typically a metal housing that contains RF components. The connectors terminate with a pin. There are many pin types, including a glass bead feed-through or a tab contact, or a pin in a dielectric. Pasternack offers a limited selection of these connector accessories. The available pin options can be found here. The benefit of field replaceable connectors is that if damaged they can be replaced without having to open or access the PCB inside the housing. In addition, connector series can be changed from SMA to 2.92mm, for example, by simply removing the connector and replacing it with the new series. The only constraint is that it must have the same mating pin diameter and flange configuration. The variations in the series of connectors includes: 1) connector series 2) pin diameter (diameter that the connector is designed to mate with. 3) flange configuration (4 hole, 2 hole, flange size, and hole spacing).

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