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Flexible High Performance Right Angle Test Cable Series with Low Profile Design

Pasternack’s flexible high performance right angle test cable series has a low profile design. This right angle RF testing cable series in low profile are rated up to 27 GHz. These 27 GHz test cables are available in 3 connector series including SMA, Type N, and TNC.

The right angle SMA and Type-N cable test connectors incorporate an internal radius design that optimizes performance in a low profile configuration. These testing cables are also available in 0.086 and 0.141 inch diameter double shielded, silver plated copper braid over silver plated copper tape, coax designs.

Our Pasternack PE-141FLEX is a flexible RF cable alternate to RG402 coax. This RF test cable is a 0.141” diameter semi-rigid coax. PE-141FLEX 141 coax has a solid PTFE dielectric resulting in 69.5% phase velocity.

PE-086FLEX test cable is a flexible cable alternate to RG405 coax. Pasternack's PE-086FLEX .086” diameter cable is a semi-rigid coax of superior quality. The smooth wall formed by the braid over spiral ribbon design allows for a flexible cable that has similar performance to a solid wall 086 semi-rigid cable.

Pasternack high performance RF test cable in flexible semi-rigid type coax with SMA, Type N or TNC connectors is a great choice. Like our other over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, these low profile right angle RF testing cables are in-stock. Not only is this flexible RG-402 and RG-405 type right angle radio frequency test cable series in stock, but it also ships the same day as purcheased.

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