GPS, Mobile and Vehicular Antennas

  • Broad selection of vehicular antennas and antenna kits
  • 108 MHz – 2.7 GHz operating frequencies, 0-32 dBi
  • Ideally suited for multi-point mobile applications, including service vehicles, public transportation, public safety, mining, construction, and other mobile, wide-coverage applications
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GPS, Mobile and Vehicular Antennas from Pasternack

Pasternack’s line of GPS, mobile, and vehicular antennas and kits addresses the growing need for wireless communications in a variety of applications, including public safety, as well as applications requiring network time synchronization and precision frequency reference. Our new poly spring, telescopic portable, GPS, GPS/GNSS, GPS/GNSS timing, glass/surface mount, and duplexed antennas and kits provide users with durable, high-quality solutions to a wide range of mobile communication systems.

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