High Power and Performance RF Circulators and Isolators

High Performance RF Circulators/Isolators
  • Operating frequency ranges up to 42.5GHz
  • Max. power rating up to 100W
  • Available in SMA, N-type, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectorized designs
  • Broad spectrum of product selection available
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Pasternack is a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products. Able to withstand extreme conditions, on earth or in space, several key industries around the world continue to rely on our products, including avionics, military electronics, IFF, SATCOM, ECM, industrial/manufacturing and oil/gas.

A high power RF passive ferrite circulator allows a signal flow to circulate within a circuit seamlessly, with minimum loss while transmitting an input signal from one port to another. Though circulators are unidirectional, they circulate the flow of energy from each port to the adjacent port in a clockwise direction.

On the other hand, a radio frequency isolator is a 2-port device that transmits microwave power in one direction, while blocking the signal in the opposite direction. That way, you are assured that your RF components are well protected from excessive power reflection, such as preventing a microwave source from being detuned by a mismatched load.

Our high-performance and high frequency Type N, SMA, 2.92mm and 2.4mm circulators and isolators provide high maximum frequencies up to 42.5 GHz and maximum power ratings of up to 100 W. They are designed to provide minimal loss when transmitting input signals from one port to the next, offering good VSWR and high isolation performance and low insertion loss also.

Pasternack's passive ferrite circulators like the PE83CR1000, PE83CR1007 and PE83CR1017 models, and isolators such as the PE83IR1001, PE83IR1004 and PE83IR1021 models, can deliver quality radio frequency performance at all times while minimizing signal loss and allowing you to avoid reflected signals from damaging sensitive RF equipment. Made of rugged metal packaging with coaxial connectors, our full range of high-power RF circulators and isolators offer superior radio-frequency interference (RFI) and magnetic shielding performance. Many of our high-power RF circulators and isolators are also RoHS and REACH compliant.

High power and performance RF isolators and circulators are ideal for initial proof-of-concept testing and prototype builds, making them well suited for 5G telecommunication, automotive radars, satellite communication, point-to-point radios and aerospace/defense applications.

Our large in-stock inventory of high-performance, RF circulators and isolators are housed at our ultramodern ISO 9001:2008 certified production facilities. Recognized for our unmatched quality, quick turnaround, great customer service, and technical support, all our RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products are competitively priced, available for same-day shipping worldwide, with no minimum purchase requirement.

Need further assistance with any of our products? Reach out to us. We are there to assist.

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High Power and Performance RF Circulators and Isolators

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