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  • Quick connect / disconnect and easy installation fixed attenuator series with QMA, QN and 4.3-10 connectorized designs
  • Attenuator frequency ranges from DC to 6GHz
  • Attenuation values on quick disconnect attenuators from 0 to 20dB
  • VSWR as low as 1.15:1
  • 4.3-10 attenuators power handling up to 15W Max with low PIM performance



Quick Connect Attenuators with QMA, QN and 4.3-10 Connectorized Designs

Quick Connect Disconnect Attenuator Series with QMA, QN and 4.3-10 Connections from Pasternack

Pasternack’s quick connect disconnect attenuators are available with QMA, QN or 4.3-10 connectors for easy mating. These rapid mate demate attenuator series supports operating frequency ranges from DC to 6 GHz. Attenuation values from 0 to 20dB and VSWR as low as 1.15:1 are achieved from this specialty RF attenuator component product line.

This quick connect attenuator series eliminates the need for a wrench or torque for coupling. They are easy to screw-on and allow for hand-tightening, which improves installation flexibility. These quick disconnect (QD) RF attenuators are ideal for telecommunication, industrial, defense and aerospace industries.

The QMA and QN attenuator models are constructed of brass tri-metal, 4.3-10 attenuators are made of anodized aluminum. The 4.3-10 attenuator models have power handling up to 15W maximum with low-PIM performance.

As with the other over 45,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave Pasternack products, this quick connect / disconnect attenuator series is in-stock. Not only are these QD attenuators in stock, they also ship the same day are they are purchased. These and many other reasons is why Pasternack is the one of the best websites to find and buy quick disconnect attenuator components.


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