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The Importance of Amplitude and Phase Stability

Ruggedized VNA Test Cable Series

High Performance precision VNA test cable series is designed to provide for highly accurate repeatable test results.

Pasternack ruggedized VNA test cable series is designed to provide customers with repeatable accurate vector network analyzer measurements. These RF / microwave test cables have excellent electrical properties including low Insertion loss, low VSWR and phase stability of +/- 2˚ with flexure. Torsion resistant connector heads are directly attached to stainless the steel conduit style armoring providing a rugged design for up to 5,000 mattings cycles with proper care. The VNA cable armoring enhances amplitude and phase stability by preventing stress due to over bending while maintaining the flexibility required for testing in a lab environment. When used with the appropriate calibration KIT these RF testing cables effectively extend the test port of the VNA allowing for accurate measurements of devices that cannot be directly connected to a network analyzer test port.

The need for Amplitude and Phase stable VNA test cables

The need for Amplitude and Phase stable VNA test cablesAmplitude and phase variation post VNA calibration can cause inaccurate S Parameter measurements. As a result, amplitude and phase stable cables should be used to make accurate Vector Network Analyzer measurements. During normal use, a VNA test cable set acting as test port extenders are part of the calibration procedure and the test equipment’s reference plain is moved to the connectors of the VNA test cables. After calibration, the cables will be moved into position and connected to the Device Under Test (DUT). It is during this movement that phase variations can occur, affecting the algorithm used by the VNA to accurately measure a DUT connected to the calibrated reference plain at the end of the test cables. For this reason, a quality phase stable test cable is essential to make repeatable, accurate VNA measurements. Without high quality cables, it is also likely that errors in insertion loss will be seen as a result of amplitude changes during flexure, which can greatly affect precise VNA measurements.

Pasternack’s ruggedized VNA test cable series has a maximum phase change of +/- 2 degrees at 18 GHz with typical calibration procedures. The measurements below show the phase change at 18 GHz as a result of continuous flexing the cable back and forth 12 inches, simulating connecting and disconnecting movements typical in lab testing, where the VNA test cable needs to be moved to connect a DUT. In this accelerated life cycle test, the phase variation window stayed consistent beyond 75,000 movement cycles. A typical VNA test setup will be recalibrated often, daily in most cases, and will mitigate the absolute phase change over the life of the cable. For this reason, Pasternack’s new amplitude and phase stable ruggedized VNA test cables will provide the reliable and repeatable, accurate test results users require. It is also important to note that new cables may require some minor usage before settling into their ideal state, but with re-calibration they will remain stable.

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