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USA & Canada (866) 727-8376  International +1 (949) 261-1920

  • Thermally Pre-Conditioned Coaxial Cable
  • Expanded PTFE Low Loss Cable
  • Triple Shielded Coax
  • Max Frequency as High as 18 GHz
  • Captivated Stainless Steel RF Connectors
  • J-STD Soldering Assembly Build Process
  • Lot Traceability for All Materials
  • Detailed Cable Assembly Test Report
  • Available for Shipment Same Day!


Temperature Conditioned N to SMA Cable Assemblies

Available for Same-Day Shipping!

Temperature Conditioned N to SMA Cable Assemblies from Pasternack

Pasternack’s temperature conditioned, high-reliability cable assemblies with low loss feature male Type-N and SMA connectors and are ideal for use by defense and aerospace, transportation and communications industries.

These temperature conditioned, low loss cables feature thermally pre-conditioned PTFE cable, captivated stainless steel RF connectors and J-STD soldering. RF COTS temperature conditioned, high-reliability cable assemblies are traceable to their component lots for every material used (RF connectors, coax cable, heat shrink, and solder). A detailed test report accompanies every lot produced. There is 100% test sampling of these low loss Type-N cable assemblies for connector gaging, insertion loss, VSWR, DWV, workmanship, configuration, and marking.  Sampled (AQL) inspections are included for length and mass.

Pasternack’s temperature conditioned, high-reliability Type-N to SMA cable assemblies are in stock and available to ship same day with no minimum order quantity required.


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