USA & Canada (866) 727-8376  International +1 (949) 261-1920

USA & Canada (866) 727-8376  International +1 (949) 261-1920

Coaxial RF Microwave GS and GSG Probe Series

  • Max. Operating Frequency as high as 40 GHz
  • RF probe Return Loss better than 10 dB
  • GS and GSG Probes Feature Gold Plated Contacts
  • Compliant coaxial GSG (or GS) pogo pins


PCB RF Probe Positioner

  • RF PCB probe positioner holds coaxial probes
  • Magnetic mounting plate
  • On-Off positioner switch
  • Articulated joints
  • Multi-axis positioner control

Our Coaxial RF Probe series and Positioner are

in stock and ready for Same-Day shipping!

Coaxial RF Microwave GSG and GS Probe Series and Positioner from Pasternack

Pasternack’s line of PCB coaxial RF probes and positioner are perfect for use with signal integrity measurements. Other RF microwave coaxial GSG and GS probe applications are coplanar waveguide, chip evaluations, substrate characterization, test fixtures and gigabit SERDES applications.

Our RF coaxial GSG and GS probe series provides return loss better than 10 dB and a maximum operating frequency of 40 GHz. Pasternack coaxial RF microwave GS and GSG probe components feature 2.92mm and 3.5mm female interfaces, a pitch of 800 or 1500 microns and can be cable-mounted. Additional features include gold-plated contacts and compliant coaxial GSG (or GS) pogo pins allow for a broad range of probing angles. These coax printed circuit board RF probes can be used by hand, with or without a probe positioner.

The PCB probe positioner can hold coaxial GS / GSG probes, has articulated joints and delivers multi-axis positioner control. This PCB RF probe positioner also features a magnetic mounting plate with an on-off positioner switch.

As with our other over 45,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components, this GS and GSG RF microwave coaxial PCB probe series and positioner are in-stock. Not only are these RF printed circuit board probes and positioners in stock, they also ship the same day are they are purchased. These and many other reasons are why Pasternack is the one of the best websites to find and buy coaxial cable based GSG and GS PCB probes and positioner components.


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