Rubber Duck Antenna Operates From 5.1 GHz to 5.9 GHz with a 5 dBi Minimum Gain Reverse Polarity TNC Male Input Connector Rated

Product ID: PE51070
Product discontinued.
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Key Specifications

Key Specifications (Click on Data Sheet Above for Additional Details).
Antenna TypePortable
Minimum Frequency5.1 GHz
Maximum Frequency5.9 GHz
Connector SeriesTNC
Connector GenderMale
Impedance50 Ohm
Nominal Gain5 dB
Maximum Input VSWR2:1


Rubber Duck Portable Antenna Operates From 5.1 GHz to 5.9 GHz With a Nominal 5 dBi Gain TNC Male Input Connector

Rubber duck portable antenna PE51070 from Pasternack (also known as a rubber ducky antenna) is part of our extensive in-stock omni-directional radio antenna selection. This single band rubber duck portable antenna has a frequency range of 5.1 GHz to 5.9 GHz and a 5 nominal dBi gain. Our portable rubber duck antenna uses TNC male connector and is rated for 30 Watts input.

PE51070 rubber duck portable radio antenna is one of over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components supplied from Pasternack. Our portable rubber duck aerial can be bought and shipped worldwide the same-day as with our other available RF parts.