RF Free Space Path Loss Measurement Calculator

Pasternack's Free Space Path Loss Calculator calculates the loss (in dB) between two antennas where the gain, distance and frequency are known.

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Free Space Path Loss:

Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) calculations are often used to help predict RF signal strength in an antenna system. Loss increases with distance, so understanding the FSPL is an essential parameter for engineers dealing with RF communications systems.

Prefix Symbol Value
Tera 'T' 1012
Giga 'G' 109
Mega 'M' 106
kilo 'k' 103
Prefix Symbol Value
pico 'p' 10-12
nano 'n' 10-9
micro 'u' 10-6
milli 'm' 10-3

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products, many industries around the world rely on Pasternack, including avionics, military electronics, IFF, SATCOM, ECM, industrial/manufacturing and oil/gas.

Path loss usually refers to attenuation of power that is radiated by the transmitter as the distance increases, especially in the field of telecommunication. When a signal moves from a transmitter to a receiver through a vacuum or free space without any hinderance or obstacle blocking its free path, this reduction in signal strength is referred to as free space path loss (FSPL).

To calculate an FSPL's value, one must also discount any possible reflections or other obstacles that might occur. Once you have taken the above into consideration, then all you need to do is enter the frequency, distance and system gains to calculate the PSPL, in dB.

If you want to calculate the loss (in dB) or attenuation of signal strength between two antennas where the gain, distance and frequency is known, our RF FSPL Calculators Calculators are perfectly suited for this task. Often used to help predict RF signal strength in an antenna system, Pasternack’s FSPL Calculator measurement tool is an essential parameter for designers and engineers, especially as part of a more in-depth link budget analysis when designing RF communication systems.

Pasternack’s RF calculators and conversion tools with formulas, like our free space path loss measurement (FSPL) calculator, help radio frequency designers and engineers looking for solutions to complex RF products and design queries that crop up regularly during the planning or designing phase of their projects.

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