Unit Conversion Calculator

Pasternack's Unit Conversion Calculator allows you to convert common metric and standard values, such as weight, length, power, temperature and torque.

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Note: Assumes 50 Ohm system. Input voltages are RMS values.


Converted Power:

First choose the type of unit you would like to measure i.e. weight, length, power, temperature or torque from the drop-down menu.Then select your desired output unit of measure, enter your numeric parameters, then click calculate.

Prefix Symbol Value
Tera 'T' 1012
Giga 'G' 109
Mega 'M' 106
kilo 'k' 103
Prefix Symbol Value
pico 'p' 10-12
nano 'n' 10-9
micro 'u' 10-6
milli 'm' 10-3