Stripline Impedance Calculator

Pasternack's Stripline Impedance Calculator uses the dimensions of the stripline, as well as the dielectric constant, to compute the characteristic impedance.

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Note: Units for width and height must be consistent





A stripline consists of a central conductor surrounded by dielectric material between two groundplanes. Striplines, in many cases, can be used where microstrips would be, so long as size is not a constraint. In fact, striplines often make components such as band-pass filter's more accurately, with more symmetric roll-off and no lower cutoff frequency.

Prefix Symbol Value
Tera 'T' 1012
Giga 'G' 109
Mega 'M' 106
kilo 'k' 103
Prefix Symbol Value
pico 'p' 10-12
nano 'n' 10-9
micro 'u' 10-6
milli 'm' 10-3